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Ask me   22. Vegetarian. Liberal. Humanist. College graduate. Fitness-lover. Inconsistent. Open-minded. Undefined. Still trying to indiscriminately seize each day. I'm an environmentalist and my job pays me to travel and save the planet.

I love anything tropical, electronic music, dartying, guacamole, and if I was an animal that's cooler than a human I'd be a leopard. My favorite smell is a campfire in June.

23 days til I get to see my parents!!!

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This made tear up for real.

Y’all …

realest shit I seen all day

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"1 out of 812 applicants tested positive for drugs."
Tennessee’s plan to prove everyone on welfare is addicted to drugs just blew up in their face  (via micdotcom)

"Tennessee is not alone in its failed policy. In Utah, just 12 of 4,730 (0.25%) welfare applicants tested positive for drugs over the course of a year, and the state spent about $30,000 on testing. In Florida, just 2.6% of applicants tested positive, and the program cost more money that it saved."

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This was the best moment in Degrassi history.

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And people ask me why he’s my favorite

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"Sometimes other people are right. There’s a possibility that when most things you say are called odious – I’m speaking here to no one in particular – they are. If folk stop listening to you, it may not be that they can’t stand your superior thoughts; it may be that they can’t stand you. If you can’t say anything without offending them, it may not be you’re a mouthpiece for hard-to-swallow home truths; it may be you’re an arsehole."
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Got ‘em, coach!

Oh fuck yes


Got ‘em, coach!

Oh fuck yes

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perspective is everything

It took me like 16 tries to figure out what I was looking at.



perspective is everything

It took me like 16 tries to figure out what I was looking at.

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If you’re poor, the only way you’re likely to injure someone is the old traditional way: artisanal violence, we could call it – by hands, by knife, by club, or maybe modern hands-on violence, by gun or by car.

But if you’re tremendously wealthy, you can practice industrial-scale violence without any manual labor on your own part. You can, say, build a sweatshop factory that will collapse in Bangladesh and kill more people than any hands-on mass murderer ever did, or you can calculate risk and benefit about putting poisons or unsafe machines into the world, as manufacturers do every day. If you’re the leader of a country, you can declare war and kill by the hundreds of thousands or millions. And the nuclear superpowers – the US and Russia – still hold the option of destroying quite a lot of life on Earth.

So do the carbon barons. But when we talk about violence, we almost always talk about violence from below, not above.

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